David Couillard, XpandMe

David Couillard, XpandMe.com

Ran with all the information I gave him
and produced amazing landing page sales copy.
Very professional and very enjoyable to deal with.

The Work


Spend a little time in the world of internet marketing and you quickly learn the importance of a powerful lead magnet. Something that provides massive value for little investment and brings prospects into a funnel. But even if you have the best offering in the world— if no one downloads it, what was the point?

To help XpandMe capture leads and build their list, we put together a landing page for their free training manual. However, our goal was to build a list of qualified leads— not just random cold traffic. People who would be a good fit for the company, and would be likely to move forward into the paid program.

We accomplished this by hammering home the benefits of the program—not the features—and making sure each headline corresponded to our market's desires (established through prior market research). Then, the final touch was wrapping everything together in a story format: "The Power of Two Percent."

Check out the full page below.

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Landing Page Copywriting for XpandMe
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