Tom Sayer, Google for Education

Tom Sayer, Google for Education

Jason is outstanding. Works hard, works efficiently and works effectively. On numerous occasions he thought beyond the specific task to raise ideas that improved what we were doing; really thoughtful initiative.

The Work

Google for Education

On June 26, 2015 Google revamped their Google for Education program. As part of this move, they completely redesigned their online Training Center. They asked me to step in and help them copy edit their content to make sure it was clear, consistent, and technically flawless.

Over the course of the project I worked with Google to rewrite lessons, examples, and exam questions and answers. I also developed an in-house Style and Consistency Guide to ensure future changes would look and feel the same as any existing content.

Overall, the project went really well and looks great! I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Google and we're all quite proud of the end result.

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