Derrick Nichol, DTR Construction Services

DERRICK NICHOL, DTR Construction Services

Incredible. We love what you've done here, this is exactly what we wanted, we just couldn't get it out of our heads and onto paper. Thanks for listening to us and making our dream a reality. You do good work.

The Work

DTR Construction

Small companies, man. It can be a challenge sometimes, finding new work when you're part of a three-person outfit. Wearing so many hats, it's hard to find time to both find work and get work done.

DTR knew this pain well.

To help DTR break the feast or famine cycle, we worked together to build a powerful sales brochure. We talked about their vision, their ideal customer, and how they are unique in an already crowded market.

With these tools in place, I helped them update their existing sales brochures and create a compelling sales tool. They've been handing these beauties out for a few months now. I can't take all the credit, but now, they have more work than they can handle. A good problem to have!

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